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Government Of Assam Charaideo District

Charaideo Tourism

Charaideo Tourism

A journey through the lenses!

Charaideo Maidam:The maidams situated in Charaideo make the district an attractive tourist destination. Comparable to the pyramids of Egypt, the maidams are actually burial grounds of Ahom Kings and Queens. They are substances of wonder seen-through the brilliant architecture and expertise of the artsmen and masons of Assam of the medieval era. The district also boasts of ancient ruins and relics which add to its crowning glory.


Dilighat is situated on the banks of river dilhi or disang (a tributary of mighty Luit or Brahmaputra) along Namrup and Borhat border. It has become a favoutite destination during winters for picnick lovers. The hanging bridge constructed over the river add to the regions wonder. Surrounded by greenery on all sides, the gurgling waters of the river make an excellent combination to offer tourists the much needed relaxation.


Sri Sri Haridev Bornamghar was established in 1662 in the name of Mahapurush Haridev, the Great Saint of Assam who contributed a lot towards the upliftment of society.Round the year many people visit this over 300-year-old religious institution and pray for well being.


The Cholapathar Shyam Gaon Buddhist Monastery is one of the oldest Budhist temples in Assam. Most beautiful time to visit is  during the  Sangken Poi festival which is celebrated in the month of April. The Monastery also houses a library which boasts of ancient manuscripts and valubale literature. A haven for historians, this museum also books written in ancient Pali, Tai Ahom  and other languages.


Historical Borhat Bazar: During Ahom rule, Borhat was known as a place for finding mineral salt. The name Borhat originated from Bor (meaning big) and hat (meaning market). There was a market place where salt was available. Salt was considered to be very precious during Ahom rule as Assam is far from the seas and people had to use only mineral salts. Although, at present it has turnd into a regular weekly market, the historical signifiance remains intact, making it a desirable tourist destination within Charaideo district.


Borpatra Pukhuri/Raja Pukhuri is located on the northern side of historic Dhodar Ali and about 2.5 Kms towards east from Sonari town. According to the natives, as a token of respect for his “Pehi” (aunt), Ahom King Swargadeo Gadadhar Singha gave the responsibility of digging a pukhuri to Borpatra Gohain and therefore it came be known  as “Borpatra Pukhuri ”. Later the British named it as “Raja Pukhuri” as it was dug at the orders of the them Ahom Raja.  




The beautiful tea gardens has always been a eye candy for the visitors.The black tea of Assam finds a concrete place in the global market.Tea garden is a major source of livelihood for many and witnessing the workers plucking tea leaves is a peaceful and relaxing experience in the midst of greenery.




Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border located at Charaideo district of Assam is a treasure trove of natural beauty.