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Government Of Assam Charaideo District

Plastic Waste Management Initiative

Plastic Waste Management Initiative (PWM)

a)    Ban on use of Plastic Carry Bags less than 50-micron w.e.f. 1st July, 2019 in Charaideo District vide order No.CMJ.11/2016/42 Dated 14th, May by Charaideo District Administration.

1.    People are encouraged to use paper bags, Jute Bags and Cloth bags instead of Plastic Carry Bags.
2.    Self-help groups especially Women self-help groups are encouraged to make alternative bags, providing possible logistic support from the Administration. 

b)    All local bodies are directed to take urgent action on Management of Plastic Waste.

c)    3 Model Villages have been selected to keep completely plastic free in the district of Charaideo namely:
1.    Moran Changmai Gaon
2.    Tairai Gaon
3.    Borpather Gaon

In due course of time this will be extended to the remaining villages in the district of Charaideo to make completely Plastic free.

d)    Fine for Violation of Rs 200/-.

e)    Formation of Marketwise Committees on Management of Plastic Waste at the Panchayat level, Anchalik level and District/Zilla level.
1.    36 Gaon Panchayat level market wise SWM Committee: 
2.    4 Anchalik Panchayat level market wise Solid Waste Management Committee: 
3.    One Zilla Parishad level market wise SWM Committee: Composition- Monitoring mechanism for compliance of Environmental norms and no. of review meetings held:
a)    District Nodal officer - to look into the matter with utmost dedication.

b)    7 Squad Teams headed by Magistrates have been constituted to keep strict vigil on the matter especially ban on use of Plastic Carry bags.
c)    Review meetings on 28th May, 3rd June and 27th August 2019 by the District Administration. 

d)    Four Special Task Forces constituted for overall monitoring.
e)    All the Plastic Waste Management Committees at Panchayat level, Block level and Municipal Boards are directed to review the   same regularly through regular review meetings and submission of action taken reports.

f)    Action plan prepared by Gaon Panchayats, Development Blocks, Municipal Boards.
g)    Municipal Boards and I/C ADS FCS & CA, Sonari have been directed to register all the supplier and wholesalers of Plastic Carry Bags.

h)    Sufficient number of awareness campaigns has been carried out especially in market areas, taking the market managing committees on board.
i)    Cleanliness Drive was carried by the District Administration of Charaideo in Sonari town on 29th of May 2019.